Northern Territory Subscriber
18-01-2022 – 17-01-2023
12 Months


  • Free access to AIIA Webinars
  • Invitations and member access to all AIIA events held in the Northern Territory
  • Discount tickets to the AIIA National Conference
  • Membership in a future AIIA Northern Territory branch

The mission of the Australian Institute of International Affairs is to help Australians know, understand, and engage more in international affairs. In order to be a truly national organisation, we are extending our community to the Northern Territory. We are offering a special subscription package to territory residents. Subscribers receive entry into AIIA webinars on the same basis as members, currently free, and member access to any in-person events held in the Northern Territory. They will receive discounts on the AIIA National Conference, to be held online in 2020. They'll also receive a subscription to the Australian Journal of International Affairs, the nation's premier journal in the field of International Relations. When a branch of the AIIA is formed in the Northern Territory, subscribers will then become members of that branch.

To sign up, click "register," select "aiia," and then click "member information."